Rooftop pool and fitness suite in Bordeaux

What could be nicer than going for a swim overlooking the busy business area? Head to the rooftop at Sheraton Bordeaux Airport Hotel for a unique experience. The heated pool and jacuzzi are open all year round from 6am to 9pm, so you can treat yourself to some relaxation time with amazing views between excursions or during a business trip.


And, to top things off, why not take yourself for a little session in the sauna and hammam in the adjoining fitness suite open from 7am to 9pm. Towels are provided for the pool, hammam and sauna.


It can be hard to get a good workout in during a trip away, so the rooftop at Sheraton Bordeaux Airport Hotel has a gym in addition to a wellness area. Open 24/7, it has been designed to give clients the best possible experience at our hotel.

The hotel gym is carefully laid out to allow you to exercise at your own pace in well-balanced and airy surroundings. All the equipment is by the glass windows so you can challenge yourself while drawing energy from the views of the local area.

Whether you’re doing your daily muscle-building workout or an intensive CrossFit session, the space has the high-quality equipment you need to reach your goals through a wide variety of activities. For the optimum cardio session, you can improve your endurance on the treadmill and work your whole body on the cross trainer. You can also do some circuit training using the weights that go from 4 to 22 kg, the bench press and the rowing machines. At Sheraton Bordeaux Airport, it’s never been so easy to get a workout in during a trip away from home.

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